What our clients think about us?

“Dr. Lynn is a must-hear management guru for helping companies improve their ability to develop and launch new products better and faster. He is truly an outstanding speaker.”

Luis Gonzalez, Knowledge Business Director, Medellin Chamber of Commerce, Medellin, Colombia, S. America

“A critically important and insightful message from the guru who wrote the book on creating and commercializing blockbuster products and services."

Jay Trien, President, Venture Association of New Jersey

“Your Keynote was clearly a high-point of the forum. The feedback from our guests could not have been better. There is no question everyone received valuable insight on what it takes to build a successful company in today’s competitive markets.”

Mike Segal, President, NY Private Equity Forums

“Dr. Gary Lynn has the uncommon ability to take an important, though often dry topic, and bring it alive. He is an energetic speaker who engages his audience. He makes sure they ‘get’ the material with excellent examples and quick wit. Gary Lynn is a ‘must-hear’ speaker."

Diane M. Scheurell, Senior Research Manager, SC Johnson

“Dr. Lynn is able to convey important information with ease and confidence, making it compelling yet completely comprehensible. The program he taped with us is among the best we produced this year.”

Cass Burton-Ward, Executive Producer, Technogenesis (CN8).


“Deceivingly simple.”

Dr. Arthur Paton, Senior Program Manager, Corporate Leadership, Learning and Performance, Motorola University

"Not every product is a blockbuster; Their screening system is a sound way of differentiating the winners from the places and shows."

Len Vignola, Managing Partner, Beacon Partners, Inc., Stamford, CT


“The innovation workshop that you delivered to our tech execs was nothing short of spectacular.”

Deputy Dean Noor Inayah Yaakub, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (the National University of Malaysia)

“The best internal workshop I have attended innovation on project management.”

Jim Hall, Sr. Project Manager, Armstrong World Industries

“Your workshop was a career altering event for me.”

Brandon Rockwell, Project Manager of Technical Operations, Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc.

“Gary is a very dynamic and knowledgeable speaker. His ability to tailor the workshop based on our earlier input certainly increased the overall value to us. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with Gary in the future. Highly recommended.”

Lee Whitmore, Director, Tactical Tank Ammunition and Development Programs, Primex Technologies.

Thanks for being my guru and advocate."

Chris White, CEO Teges.